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→ photographic and musical sketches

4_EPISODE #1 © Jürg Zimmermann_DB
5_EPISODE #1 _DSF1991_© Jürg Zimmermann_DB
3_EPISODE #1 _DSF2029_© Jürg Zimmermann_DB
2_EPISODE #1 _DSF1987_© Jürg Zimmermann_DB
1_EPISODE #1 _DSF1935_© Jürg Zimmermann_DB
6_EPISODE #1 _DSF1548_© Jürg Zimmermann_DB
7__EPISODE #1 DSF1549_© Jürg Zimmermann_DB
8_EPISODE #1 __DSF1397_© Jürg Zimmermann_DB

Foto: © Jürg Zimmermann

Inspired by the form of criminal series, EPISODE #1 is a confrontation with the human ability to arrange fragments into logic orders, investigating the influence of sound on the perception of image.

Site of crime: Schloss Solitude. The area around the rococo castle turns into a temporary lab for music, photography and movement. The conversation between the three artistic languages designs a complex picture of possible relationships, triggering processes of memory and creating a temporal alliance between real space, fiction and memory.

EPISODE #1 is the first chapter of the EPISODE SERIES, a collaboration by the collective TRIO. The long-term project evolves in a dialogue between moving body, image, and sound, envisioning a symbiosis of physical, visual, acoustic and electronic elements.

Choreography, interpretation: Elena Morena Weber

Soundscapes, baritone saxophone: Matthias Tschopp

Trumpet, Photography: Jürg Zimmermann 

Support: Akademie Schloss Solitude