EPISODE #1 – study on fragments

EPISODE #1 – study on fragments


Dance Base Edinburgh/UK

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Foto: © Demian Bern

Zooming into an unsupervised domestic environment, a collage of fragments suggests an imaginary biography, suspended between fiction and the real. On the gramophone, a Foxtrot from 1926.

Diving into the discovery of a temporary home in the Scottish capital, the EPISODE SERIES progresses within this study on the collection and arrangement of fragments. Movement and sound material from EPISODE #1 collide with the living space and possessions of an unknown host. A female creature noses around his private space, while objects and actions are captured in a digital-analogue photographic series. Old and new fragments of movement, sound and photography shape the imaginable portrait of a stranger. 

Concept, interpretation: Elena Morena Weber

Soundscapes: Matthias Tschopp, Jürg Zimmermann

Photography: Demian Bern

Support: Dance Base Edinburgh, European Cultural Foundation