GEORGE 2.0 – hybrid installation

GEORGE 2.0 – hybrid installation


Solo exhibition, Galleri54, Göteborg/SE

→ artist talk


Foto: © Elena Morena Weber / Demian Bern

A re-adaptation of GEORGE 2.0 conceived for the spaces of Galleri54, merging video, sound and text into in a simultaneous trilogy.

Room 1 – An English translation of GEORGE 2.0’s German text is packed in a miniature GEORGE box. The words run silently, following the rhythm of the spoken version, while excerpts from the live performance resonate in the surrounding space: two points in different times meet at the present moment.
object and video/text, loop 24'; sound collage, loop 20'

Room 2 – Through the intimate perception of sound through headphones, the sound/voice texture mediates the character’s emotional state of melancholia and hopelessness.
video on plexiglas, loop 33'

Room 3 – The peepshow window frame captures a potential still from the staged piece. This attempt refers to mankind’s unattainable desire to retain the present moment and reproduce it in the future.

Concept, subtitles, setup: Elena Morena Weber

Design and setup: Demian Bern

Support: Akademie Schloss Solitude Stuttgart