GEORGE 2.0 - holographic installation

GEORGE 2.0 – holographic installation


Akademie Schloss Solitude Stuttgart/DE

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4_George 2.0 Still 4_©Elena_Morena_Weber_DB
3_George 2.0 Still 1_©Elena_Morena_Weber_DB

Foto: © Elena Morena Weber / Demian Bern / Kai Loges

Revisiting material from the piece GEORGE (2017), new video footage and text layers are developed and arranged in a container able to travel in space and time, packing a dance performance into a box.

The combination of an especially edited video and a transparent pyramid are the source to create the GEORGE 2.0 hologram. The choice to use the ancient Pepper’s Ghost technique in order to resurrect GEORGE, is a reference to the character’s longevity. The magic of the optical illusion is reached through its simplicity.

The installation will further develop into a miniature object. A limited-edition toolkit providing the instructions and material to reproduce the hologram at home, an easy-care pet for moments of loneliness, is planned. GEORGE 2.0 miniature is dedicated to all the attempts scientists made through the years to prevent Lonesome George’s species, the Pinta giant turtle, to extinguish.

Concept, choreography, interpretation: Elena Morena Weber

Camera: Hagen Betzwieser

Advisors hologram technology: Dina Karadzic, Vedran Gligo

Design: Demian Bern