SPUREN – site-specific

SPUREN – site-specific


Festival Zürich Tanzt/CH, Festival Ticino in Danza/CH 

→ excerpt from Ticino in Danza festival 

2_SPUREN_Foto 30.07.17, 19 08 22_©Giada_Bianchi_DB
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1_SPUREN_Foto 30.07.17, 19 06 55_©Giada_Bianchi_DB
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Foto: © Giada Bianchi

The site-specific adaptations of the stage piece SPUREN focus on interaction with the audience. Wild, untamed Alpine rituals become an immersive tonal and spatial experience filled with adrenaline and humor. 

Rituals that have been practiced in remote regions and valleys for centuries are still unknown to large sections of the Swiss population. Restaged into unusual settings on the edge between urbanity and nature, SPUREN brings the vibe of archaic Swiss rituals closer to the viewer.

The city walk SPUREN GOES CITY has been commissioned by the festival ZürichTanzt in 2017.

Artistic direction, choreography: Elena Morena Weber, Mirjam Sutter

Sound, cello, voice and vocal coach: Johanna Schaub

With: Philipp Egli/Christian Ogou, Jonas Furrer, Johanna Schaub, Mirjam Sutter, Sarah Waelchli, Elena Morena Weber

Residency: Tanzhaus Zürich

Support: Stadt Zürich Kultur, Pro Helvetia, Alfred und Ilse Stammer-Mayer Stiftung, Avina Stiftung, Dr. Adolph Streuli Stiftung, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Migros Genossenschaft Zürich